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Posted by Anonymous on Friday, February 13, 2009

 Desain Rumah Modern Art Deco

To look neat and well regarded, up interior house should diselaraskan with fasad building. If the face looks art deco, interior regulation also does not run from that style. Similarly, for the minimalist model home, interior is designed with a style that senada.  Desain Rumah Modern Art DecoAlthough in its application, not flat style of these two itu.Untuk interior room, art deco style of the implementation of many of the rounded ornaments, boxes, or other geometrical shape, just as accents only. For example, only be used for TV cabinet or display cabinet lainnya.Sedangkan other furniture, like tables and chairs, a simple model is selected and the finishingnya cocoa brown color (dark brown). When necessary, given the black accent color to look more mewah. Desain Rumah Modern Art Deco
if a minimalist concept, because everything is made completely minimal, so that empty space does not seem necessary given little accent. For example, there was a table or a chair design tradisional.Material other accents can also be used, such as items of handicrafts like statue (statue), Sculpture, and other accessories that when visiting the area or the results to melancong outside negeri.Ruang family , for the model house art deco or minimalist, the better the game-brown color and fiber-fiber wood addition, many people also like the wood nyantoh, because the fiber is straight, or a mahogany color slightly reddish. While models furniturenya also selected a simple, no-wear carved fretwork and profil.Sedangkan tables and chairs in the hall, also selected a simple model. Top table is to use wood, you can also use a glass. Wall space is given ornaments eat, such as Yogyakarta sandstone, glass and mirror boxes (glass solder). Desain Rumah Modern Art Deco