Green Home Designs - How to Do This

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, November 19, 2009

By Suman Bhattarai

A Green Home design is ideal for today's world because we are destroying it. Small effort from your side can change this. If you are thinking of designing a house then consider Green Home Designs. This design basically focuses on various aspects of energy conservation. So, lets talk about how to plan for a green home designs.

1. Home construction site: Make sure that you have made a detailed study about the site, which includes its slope, vegetation around them and location. Always be careful that construction of your home should have a minimal effect on plants and animals around it. It is better to construct house in areas with proper transportation, shops, schools and parks. While constructing your home, give a detail look at the natural lighting system. Make sure that sunlight is available for maximum time so that you don't have to use alternative light source early. After all not using electricity means conserving electricity.

2. What's the correct size for a Green home designs? When it comes to size of home we tend to think that bigger is better. But, in Green home designs it's just the opposite. Smaller the house, bigger the contribution for Earth. Bigger house means more energy consumptions for heating and lighting. You are wasting energy for nothing. Just decide on number of rooms that you want and act accordingly. If you built a guest room that is only used once in a year or so then it's just a waste of energy and money. So, plan very carefully about your home size and numbers of room.

3. Opt in for solar energy: Thanks to some great green loving Engineers, there are so many equipments constructed which utilizes solar energy for various purposes. You can get a solar energy water heater for cooking and bathing. They are very efficient and are 100% clean with zero carbon footprints. You can also get solar panels for lighting. Even though the initial cost for solar products is high compared to others, it will be an excellent choice if you consider its long term benefits. Remember that heating your water by solar energy means you are not using electricity. So, you are saving Earth as well as your electricity bills.

4. Conserve water: Always give especial consideration about water conservation while you are thinking of Green home designs. Always use low flush toilets, aerators on taps and gray water system. Gray water system is simply a plumbing system in which you reuse waste water from bathing, washing and laundry for watering lawns and flushing toilet.

These are few basic things that you can consider for green home designs. But another important thing that you should change is your fossil fuel hunger. Always try to use minimal quantity of fossil fuels.

Adopt these basic guidelines for green home design and we have a happy family and Earth