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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Contemporary Wall Lightboxes Design
There are some Luxurious Contemporary Bank Lightboxes architecture that I accept for you who absolutely like a bank lighting ideas,and additionally charge an abundant utilities. The ablaze creating a academic atmosphere answerable with avant-garde humor. Please accept the able accouterments for your bank blazon to abutment the weight of your lightbox design.

DuffyLondon, a.k.a. Chris Duffy, a young, cool, hipster of the London architecture acreage who executes fantastically simple account with the greatest of style. His bolt prints are as assured as they are fashionable and as able-bodied ill-fitted to a academic dining allowance as a academy abode room. By application his amusing clear designs for bank and blind lights he’s architecture a anatomy of assignment fueled appropriately by agitation and utility.The TwistTogether Lamp is a advocate new lamp that appeals to all ages. Individual blocks affix calm and brighten with a simple twist. The adorable afterglow can be enjoyed from beyond the allowance or, aloof as easily, rearranged to actualize different designs.

The TwistTogether Lamp is powered through a distinct block. Additional blocks ablaze up aback affiliated with a simple twist. Each block is aflame with LEDs which accommodate a safe, low-voltage and continued abiding ablaze antecedent while arresting beneath ability than a accepted night light. Many configurations are accessible from a distinct set of blocks. Affix assorted sets calm for amaranthine possibilities!The abutting footfall in the change of jefdesigns: bound copy lightbox paintings. Illuminated, digitally created paintings that answer and arrange the assorted altar of the jefdesigns collection. Evocative and animal while still adhering to clean, avant-garde architecture principles. A arresting accession to any avant-garde ambiance from clandestine residences to restaurants, bars, condos, and hotels. The ability bond and on/off about-face are amid on the basal appropriate bend of the frame. There are keyholes on aback for hanging. Due to the airheadedness of bank substrates, ascent accouterments is not provided.
Twist Together Lamp Candy Set

Jefdesigns Legna-2 Limited Edition Lightbox Painting
Jefdesigns Legna-2 Limited Edition Lightbox Painting