Australian Architect "Bridges" the Gap between Innovation and Architecture - Bridge Home

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bridge Home by Australian architect Max Pritchard bridges the gap between innovation and architecture. Is it a bridge? Is it a home? This cool, contemporary style is both, stretching across a river valley just outside of Adelaide, Australia. The clients had some tall orders for what was bound to be an unusual home strategy, to say the least: the property was little, and given its environmental setting, the owners wanted to preserve its natural state; the clients needed a live-work home style; and also the clients had a spending budget of approximately $220,000 to function with. With these points in mind, the architect created this distinctive home style that met all of the requirements. The lengthy, narrow glass home strategy extends from 1 side of the valley to the other, with out impeding the flow or the view of the river beneath it, and trees surrounding it. To leading off the style, the architect incorporated several sustainable solutions to living. This eco home style consists of natural ventilation and cooling fans within the summer, and thermal windows and heat-absorbing floors to passively heat the home in winder months; locally goods and recyclable creating supplies; a rainwater recycling program; photovoltaic cells to power the home, off the grid; and solar hot water panels on the roof that offer the household heated water at minimal price to the owners and also the environment! Now that’s innovative!