Screened in decks

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, May 15, 2011

Screened in decks
But the true delight of a screened in decks porch is the feeling of being outside, without the rain, blazing sun, or bugs. That's an experience that isn't felt in even the most highly glazed "Florida rooms". It's a common mistake to overdo a screened in decks porch, to add more columns than necessary or to install a half-height wall around the perimeter. Anything that creates physical or visual separation between the inside and outside erodes the illusion. The best screened in decks porches are as transparent as possible.

Finding just the right location for a screened in decks porch can be tough, especially on narrow suburban lots. In most cases, the screened in decks porch should be connected to another family gathering area and close to the kitchen, with views of a yard or garden. But how to do that without blocking the views from other rooms? Again, transparency is the key. Make the screens as big as possible and the ceiling high, add a skylight or two, and you'll still have a good view from inside the house.

Materials for a screened in decks porch should be chosen first for architectural compatibility with the house, and second for durability. If the porch is to be painted, make sure to choose a species and grade of wood that will hold paint well. Cedar, redwood, and other Western softwoods are excellent for paint adhesion. Cedar and redwood are also known for their natural resistance to insects and rot.

Other options for the porch's frame include pressure-treated lumber and several recently introduced simulated wood products made from varying proportions of post-consumer recycled plastics and waste wood fibers. These "polymer-lumber" materials offer excellent rot and insect resistance, and eventually weather to a pleasing gray color.

The screens themselves can be made of metal or plastic screening. Plastic screening is usually the best choice, offering rust resistance, light weight, and durability. And although the screens can be attached directly to the porch frame, a "pre-framed" screen system allows for easy replacement and cleaning by simply removing the entire screen and frame as a single unit. A local screen contractor will measure the existing openings and build the pre-framed screens to fit.

A well-designed and well-built screened in decks porch adds value, function, character, and enjoyment to a home. It can get you a little more in touch with the outdoors, and give you another reason to keep the garden weeded. It can also get the bug zapper out of your yard -- and save you a small fortune on citronella.

Did you spend last summer not sitting on the porch because of bugs - especially mosquitoes? Maybe you did sit on the porch but simply felt it was too exposed for your taste. It that was the case, then you really need to think about getting a screened in decks porch kit before our outdoor time starts.

Porch enclosures are more than just putting up wood and stapling in some screening. You now have many options. Metal framing comes in various colors, wood comes in various types (e.g., cedar), the roof can be insulated aluminum or flat pan, the screens can be fiberglass or solar, you can have insulated kick panels, and even include a doggy (or kitty) door.

It is important to consider your environment - especially if you live in an area with heavy snow or extreme weather conditions. The structure needs to be sturdy enough to withstand snow (and snow does weigh a lot) as well as large amounts of rain, or maybe even hail (if you live in an area where tornado activity is present).
Probably one of the best benefits of a porch enclosure is that your outdoor items including furniture, tables, decor, etc., are going to be protected from the elements - such as direct sunlight and heat. This alone is what makes a porch enclosure a great value. That and the longevity of use. This is why after you have installed your newest addition, it can easily be used as a warm and inviting sunroom, and/or have expended usage time to become a three-season porch