Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, August 20, 2009

For every Muslim, the Islamic house of a craving. However, not all can understand what is actually called the Islamic home. So, many people incorrectly translate the concept home kaprah Islami. According to the General Chairman of the Architects Association of Indonesia (IAI), Budi Sukada, a house that is not Islamic architecture designs such as a mosque or a house in which the full-ornament ornaments Islam, such as calligraphy, and other.

Islamic home, he said, is an efficient home, can be a means to dzikir to God, and will remember the dead, and not contrived. "The house is not Islamic facing direction or the toilet is not facing direction. However, the Islamic house was home made and not contrived, "he said after talking to the Republika omen in the discussion on the Islamic civilization, in the arena Islamic Book Fair in Jakarta, some time ago.

Budi said, the Islamic house is a house that allows penghuninya for bersilaturahmi each other and interact. Meanwhile, the privacy of each person can be awake in it. "If the criteria are met, a new task for realizing the architect in the design," he said. However, the lecturer said Architecture Department, University of Indonesia (UI) is, not all people can understand this. In fact, home owners often do not want the house, not contrived. They want the house, seemed luxurious and stately. "Most people now just want the house is closed from the environment outside and the neighbors.

They build the walls that house a high-level. Kecenderungannya now we are becoming increasingly individualist, "said alumnus Architectural Engineering majors this UI. Society now also prefer to design a layout ruangnya where parents sleep upstairs while the children sleep on the floor below. This causes the children and parents can not bersilaturahmi and interact with both. Islamic design house, called Budi, there are zones in which the privacy of each penghuninya not awake or disturbed. "House of the Islamic home as a place that can be gathered all the family members or penghuninya," explained.

However, the more important Islamic house that is not a close escape from the outside world. But, still allows interaction and social relationships with the surrounding environment and neighbors can take place with both. At home, continue, people can feel welcome (well received). Rumah Islami also not a feature of luxury and wealth. Soal-ornament ornaments that have the character, such as Islamic calligraphy, Budi said, may be just-installed in the house. However, the guidelines must be made is that the installation must be in a fit.