Spesialis Mendesain Apartemen dan Perumahan

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, August 20, 2009

Specialist Design Apartments and Housing

Processing design usually takes about 2-3 weeks. While the process of procurement of goods furniture design results can take six weeks. Thus, the process from beginning to end takes about two weeks.

One of a growing line growth is a property professional interior designers. However, although the property is rather sluggish, the profession is still needed. In addition to designing office space, an interior designer is also needed to arrange housing and apartment space.

Number of players in this business is now more and more. There is a specializes in the design office, but there is also a residential design specialist. Design for residential - apartments and houses. This is because demand is high enough numbers.

"At first we focus on the design of office space. But because we also are required for many design houses and apartments, we finally opened a special division that handles it, that is Acierto. This was about six months ago, "said Director of Operations Acierto, Wuyosika Dewi Estrelita to the Republika.

Although the new six months, a number of clients have been enjoying the creative design. Among apartment Sudirman Mansion, SCBD Suit, and the owner of the house in some areas in Jakarta.

"Our approach is still personal touch," said Wuyosika. "Now we are still building a name first. If we have big names and known people, we will not find a client but the client will find us. Principles of interior design is usually like that, "he added.

Modern minimalist

According to him, apply a more modern design with minimalist concept. For, this is the model of the developing and desirability by the public. However, his side still accommodate client wishes. If the desire is not in accordance with the principles of design, the side will provide input and direction.

"So, when the client's meet, we ask about what their like, and we designed the design, and we submit to them. If they agree, then we do, "said Wuyosika.

when designing a room, his side will adjust to the situation room, including the size. If the narrow room, the design is created in such a way so that it does not disrupt the flow of traffic in the room but still beautiful.

Design elements that were created also include room accessories, such as wallpaper and wall decorations, and colors used. Processing design usually takes about 2-3 weeks. While the process of procurement of goods furniture design results can take six weeks. Thus, the process from beginning to end takes about two weeks.

"When designing, we also include the form and suitable furniture. If the client agrees, the new furniture that we do. A little difficult at this time is to make the furniture of raw material is solid wood, especially teak. For the difficult search of raw material, "he said.

In addition, the price is quite expensive solid wood, could reach Rp 20 million per cubic meter. However, the benefits, teak can last long. If the scratches, solid wood furniture from easily repaired again. The old age of teak furniture, the value is increasing. In fact, in the tens of years, the price can be very expensive because antiknya value.

That is different from that of raw material furniture multipleks. Because the material tripleks, furniture of this material can easily be damaged. However, the price of the furniture so much cheaper than solid wood. "For example, a table made of solid wood will cost around Rp 5 million. But if multipleks material, the price can be Rp 2.5 million to Rp 3 million, "said the man graduates Melbourne, Australia this.

Length of solid wood processing, information Anthonny, because the necessary circumspection. Drying process in a way dioven takes approximately two to three weeks.

Apartment for rent

Because the apartments are not to be occupied by the owner, but to rent, this will affect the design desired by the client.

Usually clients ask for designs that are not too expensive and the process is relatively faster. For they think that will be occupying the apartments of others.

This is different if the apartment will be occupied by the owner. "If we want to place their own, they will certainly want to design a really good price even though expensive. They want a comfortable living in the apartment, "said Wuyosika.

Apartment because the room is usually limited, still Wuyosika words, the design must be created that are really tailored to the wide room. To look more broadly, along with design penataan lights, light, and the use of certain types of glass.

About the price, Wuyosika the range of Rp 150 million to Rp 250 million for a room of 145 square meters. "However, it can also down in price but the materials used different quality," said Wuyosika.

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