Niekée in Roermond, Netherlands by LIAG

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Niekée, a spectacular facility centre building in Roermond, Netherlands was designed by Haag-based architects LIAG is as vibrant and playful as its resident students. Niekée is a facilitating education and recreation centre for schools, social organisations and businesses. Specifically intended for advanced stages of secondary education in Technology and Economics, it has been housed in a brand-new spectacular building. With floating rooms in the central atrium, an unorthodox design, its total transparency and striking use of colours and materials, Niekée distinguishes itself from a traditional school in every sense imaginable.The user is central in LIAG’s design. This is expressed through the organisation of the building around the central atrium, which contains the home bases and open learning centre. Students gain knowledge, independently and through projects, and, thanks to the large degree of internal transparency, are in direct contact with the workspaces on the ground floor and the floors containing other study areas. Home bases are on the ground floor as well as suspended above it in the central space - safe and recognisable home bases where students following the same courses can meet each other in a lounge atmosphere before school, or to take a break between classes.niekee by liag in netherlands, interior lobby buildingniekee by liag in netherlands, colorfull interior design