Creating perfect Bathroom Lighting

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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One of the main aspects of creating a perfect bathroom is lighting but this is often overshadowed by the huge choice of chic taps and amazing baths to feast your eyes on first! However good lighting is essential, you not only want to maximise on the natural light you do have, but also plan a lighting scheme that is going to work for your needs.
Bathroom lighting does need careful consideration on many levels, most bathrooms will need task lighting for everyday tasks such as applying make-up and shaving and you may also want atmospheric lighting that will be more calm and relaxing. The placement of lighting is also important when it comes to safety so when choosing lighting make sure you have a copy of the 'zones' which will tell you how close to a water source it can be fitted.

The power of natural lighting

Natural lighting is the best source of lighting without a doubt so your main aim is to maximise this.

Shutters and blinds are perfect for privacy and leave the window free when not in use, however I would avoid dark colours when it comes to window treatments as you want the light to bounce of anything near the window.

A mirror opposite the window will also bounce any available light around and also create the illusion of more space which can only be a bonus!
If however the room has no natural light source, the best solution would be to steal light from the adjoining room with a frosted glass door or to create a single glazed window above the door.

Bathroom Lighting design (This bathroom is a really good example of how natural light can work as the main source of lighting. Not only is there a main window above the bath but the owner has install two large Velux windows which will bathe the room in light).

The importance of task lighting

The best type of task lighting would be vertical lighting fittings either side of the mirror to give a balance of light or any type of uplighters as this will bounce light around the room.

However fluorescent lights are a big no no. They are normally seen built into mirrors and can be quite harsh and definitely don't simulate natural light. So always look for integral tungsten lighting which will create the perfect light for applying makeup.

Another thing to avoid is placing lighting above a mirror, this will cast you into your own shadow and if too low can actually create heat which isn't what you would want when doing everyday tasks.

Bathroom Lighting design (The lighting in this bathroom has been thoroughly planned, it has a perfect mixture of natural and task lighting which run on different circuits meaning the owner can choose a combination of lights for differing occasions).

Creating a mood with atmospheric lighting

Atmospheric lighting is best below waist level. Either in recessed areas to give a warm glow, or at floor level to wash the floor level.
Washers are normally low voltage and can be placed into the wall, skirting boards or into the side of the bath and come in a wide range of colours. They can be used on there own to give atmospheric glow when bathing or to highlight the texture of the floor or walls.
Concealed lighting is another option especially behind cabinets or mirrors giving a more contemporary feel.

Bathroom Lighting design

(I wouldn't necessarily choose this for myself, however this does show what effects can be made purely by the choice of lighting in your bathroom).